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Drowning in Medicine? Barely Treading Water? Suffocating in Paperwork?

You despise Insurance companies and the EMR. You struggle with staff, the race against time and administrative frustrations. You feel fatigue, mental exhaustion, physical depletion, irritability and you yearn for time to spend with your family, friends or even by yourself.

“We know…we get it, and we survived. We changed our fate forever, and want to help you change yours!”

In our ONE DAY workshop…allow Revolution Practice to relieve you from burn out and revive your work life balance! We are your life preserver….grab hold and be rescued.

Resuscitate Your Practice

Learn How To:

  • Build a Successful Team!  Learn strategies for effective interviewing so you know that you hired a team not just warm bodies.
  • Find out what it means to be a “Concierge Doctor”.
  • Discover your WHY. What is your ultimate truth and how can you live it?
  • Grab the Lifeline for struggling Docs – non covered services
  • Let go of Medicare.  How do you Opt Out and why would you do this?
  • Create a tithing policy in your office and gain community support.
  • Engage your practice people! How to…why…and who?
  • Build your online presence in easy steps. Make an impact!
  • Adding Functional Blood Chemistry to your arsenal…where do you start and why?
  • Improve cash flow. Learn to recognize and charge for things you may be giving away free!
  • Create a group visit profit center within your practice.
  • Set up a natural pharmacy with or without inventory!
  • Create a membership style practice.  What to include / exclude to promote success.
  • Effective communication with patients and staff.

Learn how to connect, listen, mirror and find ways to help your patient understand your brain!

We are setting the new standard for exemplary health care starting with the Physician and their team!

Revolution Practice is the creation of Dr. Ellie Campbell and Natalie Patierno. After both women left the world of copays, overfilled waiting rooms, cranky patients and 5 minute encounters and hostile work environments; they joined forces and talents to create a highly successful concierge membership practice. They have spent the last 10 years perfecting the model and made the mistakes so you don’t have to!

Learn what they know and revive your passion, purpose and profits in medicine!

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