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7Revolution Practice was the creation of Dr. Ellie Campbell and Natalie Corbin-Richiuti.

Dr. Ellie Campbell and Natalie Corbin-Ricchiuti have been working side by side for 15 years. Dr. Campbell opened the doors to her own private practice in August of 2005 after spending years serving as Medical Director and Staff Physician at another facility. She currently owns and operates a solo, concierge-style integrative, holistic family practice in suburban Atlanta. Dr. Campbell is a native Chicagoan, double board-certified in Family Medicine and Integrative Medicine. She has specialty interests in interdisciplinary collaboration, root cause resolution of chronic health and auto-immune conditions, Functional Neurology, Functional Medicine, prevention of stroke and heart attacks, and Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. An excellent teacher, she frequently is heard on podcasts, radio interviews or lecturing to patient and physician audiences and mentoring health professional and medical students.

Natalie is the Office Manager for Dr. Campbell’s private practice and co-owner/ instructor of Revolution Practice, LLC. She has over 18 years invested in natural and holistic healing and team management; 14 of those years have been spent working alongside Dr. Campbell. She works hard to make sure the needs of the practice, the staff and patients are being met. She has 3 amazing children and a plethera of cats and recently married her high school sweetheart!

After a decade + of working together, these ladies saw a need to rescue desperate physicians and their teams who had lost their passion for medicine or felt that they were being consumed by the current state of healthcare. The challenges faced by so many in our field and the astonishing rates of physician suicide lead to the creation of Revolution Practice, LLC. Both ladies are passionate about helping their colleagues find answers, solutions and insights into practice re-design to allow for improved work life balance and bringing back the joy of practicing medicine.

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